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Theresa McKie Trust

The Theresa McKie Trust is a charitable trust
specifically endowed to fund opportunities
for the students of Shaftesbury School.

Theresa McKie was a Special Needs Teaching Assistant at Shaftesbury School for over a decade. Theresa died in 2017 after a 3 year struggle with cancer. She loved her work at the school, the colleagues she worked with and especially the many students she helped on a daily basis. She wanted her legacy to continue her work in some way and this Trust reflects her own interest in the Creative Arts and her desire to help others achieve their dreams in the world of Art, Fashion and Film.

What Do We Fund?

We fund applications for students
with aspirations in the Creative Arts


We fund applications for specialist training courses and equipment to help students create works of art.


We fund applications for specialist training courses and equipment to help students create clothing.


We fund applications for specialist training courses and equipment to help students create movies.

Funding FAQ

Only current students of Shaftesbury School in Dorset in years 9-13.

Normally funding applications would be initiated by parents or staff on behalf of their children or students.

The Trust funds up to £5000 in any given calendar year. Once the funding ceiling is reached for a given year no more funding applications will be accepted.

You can apply for funding up to £500.

We only match fund, which means that whatever you are requesting funding for must cost at least twice as much as the funding amount requested.

So if you request £250 it must be to fund something that costs £500 or over, or if you request £500 it must be to fund something that costs £1000 or over.

You may request funding multiple times in a year but you can only receive funding once per calendar year to ensure fairness to others.

Funding is paid when you upload a bona-fide invoice/receipt for what you have paid out and supply appropriate funding feedback data via the application process.

We pay funding by cheque to the payee and address you provide.

Funding feedback is simply a way to feedback what the funding was used for.

The minumum requirement is to upload a photo and some description of what the funding was used for to justify the funding provided and to publicise 'what got done' on the site.

The photo may be of the student 'doing something' or of the equipment purchased or of a qualification certificate gained as a result fo the funding.  

Apply for funding by clicking the blue Apply for Funding button (top right on menu bar).

You will be sent email alerts to progress your application and to track when the status of your funding application changes.

Get Funded

The 3-Step Funding Process

  1. MAKE YOUR FUNDING REQUEST - Tell us how much you want, what the funding is for, who the funding is for and how you want it paid. Your request will be emailed to the Trustees who will decide whether to approve or reject your funding request. If your request is approved by the Trustees then... 
  2. PROVIDE FUNDING FEEDBACK - You will get an email requesting you to upload a bona-fide invoice/receipt, plus a relevant picture and some description of how the funding was used and a copy of a training certificate (if gained). Your feedback will be emailed to the Trustees and if approved for payment by the Trustees then... 
  3. GET PAID - You will get a funding cheque in the mail. 

About Us

More about the Theresa McKie Trust (TMT)

Charity Status

Because the TMT has no employees and does not request funding from the public, it is not necessary for us to register with or report to the charity commission. We are simply an endowed trust with a responsibility to disburse our funds in line with the trust's objectives.


The TMT trustees are Theresa's husband Stewart (a former pupil at Shaftesbury Grammar School) and her father in-law. Our responsibility is to manage the trust funds in line with Theresa's wishes for the benefit of the students. The trustees are unpaid.


The trustees will report, via this site, the funding statistics of the TMT. The funding statistics reported will include the total to-date funding paid out by category and the % funding paid out in the current year, so it is is clear that the TMT is meeting its funding objectives. 

Funding Statistics

More information about the Trust's Funding


Questions? Email the Trust.